Girdwood Fire Department Links Page

    Firefighting Links:

                                     Anchorage Fire Department                                       National Association of Search and Rescue

                                      National Fire Protection Association                          Firefighting .com

                                      Alaska State Fire Marshal                                          Fire and EMS Information Network

                                      Emergency Net News                                      Firefighters Information

                                      IFSTA (Fire Training Publications)                             Fire Engineering Magazine

                                      International Association of Firefighters                       International Association of Fire Chiefs

    EMS Links:

                             Alaska EMS Program Home Page                                 Mergnet - EMS Resources

                                     American Heart Association                                          Basic Trauma Life Support Intl.

                                     American Trauma Association                                        Medwatch

    Government Links:

                               FEMA                                                                           National Transportation Safety Board

                                       BATF                                                                            BLM - Alaska

                                       National Response Center (spill reporting)                       United States Fire Administration


                                          FBI                                                                                   U.S. Dept of Justice

                                          Defenselink - Dept of Defense                                           Center for Civilian Biodefense

                                         Chemical Weapons Page                                                   Department of Energy

    News Links

                                            Anchorage Daily News                                                       Foxnews

                                           CNN                                                                                  AP Headlines

                                           UPI World                                                                           Reuters

                                           ABC News                                                                          MSNBC

                                            Drudge Report                                                                    Newsmax

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